Demographics & Web Design: What You Need To Know.

Demographics & Web Design: What You Need To Know.

When it comes to website design, there are all sorts of traps you can fall into, everything from trying to hit all the latest trends on one single platform (the end result of which will be somewhat messy and confused) to prioritising style over substance.

Yes, of course you want to have an attractive website, but what’s more important is that it speaks to your target market in a meaningful way, expressing exactly what you and your brand are all about - thus engaging with people and bringing them through your virtual doors more frequently… which is what it’s all about, after all!

Understanding your target market is the key to running a successful business and this is a concept you should consider using when it comes to designing your website. Data analysis that takes into account age, gender, income, lifestyle, goals, occupation, personal interests, hobbies and so on will make sure your web design appeals specifically to those you’re looking to attract.

In-depth analysis of your audience will inform all the decisions you need to make for your site, ranging from the graphics you want to use, the colours that will prove most responsive, the kind of language you want for your content, which social media platforms you want to utilise and so on.

It’s vital that you make sure the content you feature speaks primarily to your main demographic, since this is where the bulk of your revenue will likely come from.

If you already have a website up and running, take the time to monitor the demographics that are visiting it so you can characterise your audience. If your website visitors differ from your main target market, it may well be that you need to make a few strategic design decisions here and there.

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