How Might Your SEO Strategy Have To Change In 2024?

How Might Your SEO Strategy Have To Change In 2024?

The best reasons for working with an SEO agency will be evident to those who do exactly that; by engaging with those who understand the complex world of search engine rankings better than most, you maximise the chances of having a strategy that works well.

Among the ways this happens is through being able to identify and respond to changing circumstances quickly, like changing SEO algorithms. But while rapid reaction can be very helpful, sometimes being proactive is even better.

There is, however, much guesswork involved in trying to judge what may be coming up soon and even the experts will disagree; for instance, a panel of experts assembled by Techround saw a range of differing ideas put forward as to what the biggest trends in SEO will be in 2024.

Nonetheless, it is worth considering some of these ideas, not least to be ready to incorporate them into your own SEO strategy in the next few months if signs emerge that one or more of the predictions are coming true.

For example, Sally Howard, founder of Canada-based 49 Digital, suggested that firms whose target market is Generation Z might be well served by targeting social media sites like Tik-Tok with advertising, noting their SEO capacities now “rival” those of Google.

She added: “For business owners, this means that you may want to shift where you’re prioritising SEO depending on your target demographic; prioritising social media SEO as opposed to website SEO.”

Such a prediction may be wrong or at least premature, but it might be an accurate prediction of what will unfold in 2024.

Alternatively, it could be that 2024 will be about sharpening up your existing strategy. For example, Digital Marketing News recently published its annual State of SEO report in which the conclusions were that firms should focus more on the right keywords, ways to use PPC, and tracking Google Ads. This may be right, but it’s not reinventing the wheel.

Some may say all this makes predictions worthless. However, it may be that all sorts of new things will happen, while some existing trends will grow. Either way, to be forewarned is to be forearmed.