How To Create Great Google Ads

How To Create Great Google Ads

Google Ads have been a great way to boost search engine optimisation (SEO) for years, helping businesses to rank higher in online results. However, with competitors also using Google Ads for their own gain, it is important to be clever about how to use them, so they work most effectively for you. 

For those who aren’t aware of what Google Ads is, it is an online platform that advertises businesses in the form of product listings, videos, search engine results, and on mobile apps.

As Google is the most used search engine, it is thought advertisers typcially make a return-on-investment (ROI) of $8 (£6.84) for every $1 they spend. 

The key to getting the most out of them is to use strategic keywords based on your target market and what they are likely to look up when they need your service or product, Forbes suggested.

Being able to pinpoint the exact words or phrases customers or clients use enables businesses to rank higher in search engine results. 

Improving SEO is beneficial for Google Ads, as ads can change position depending on the competition and how high you are in a Google search. 

It is, therefore, not only important to have keywords, but to optimise the website in other ways too. This includes how easy it is to navigate, the quality of the content, and the website’s usability. 

The average person sees around 10,000 ads per day, which means businesses need to make sure their advert is correctly targeted and their website is highly optimised and of a high quality to ensure a ROI.


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