What Time Is Right For Making SEO Strategy Changes?

What Time Is Right For Making SEO Strategy Changes?

If you want to use SEO effectively, it is always vital to ensure your entire strategy is based on maximising the opportunities to boost your ranking. This is far from a random matter and depends on meeting the challenges and opportunities presented by search engine algorithms.

The likes of Google have updated these many times down the years for a range of reasons, principally based on an attempt to ensure that those using their search engines can find the most relevant content in the results. An SEO agency in Yorkshire can help you to achieve page one rankings on this basis.

Over time, algorithmic changes have been aimed at stopping those who try to ‘game’ the system with measures like inserting popular but irrelevant keywords to get more hits, but it can also impact content in all sorts of other ways. As the Press Gazette recently noted, Google introduced another amendment last August.

This one concerns the phenomena of ‘what time is’ content. These are content pieces that pose particular questions and use them to generate lots of clicks for their news stories, for example what time a popular soap like Eastenders will be on TV that evening. 

Not only is the actual answer to the question usually near the bottom of the article, forcing readers to go through the rest before reaching it, but sometimes the question is not answered at all.

As the article notes, Google’s ‘helpful content’ algorithm has sought to penalise such content and the evidence emerging since then is that this has greatly reduced such output.

This is just one of many examples of changes that have been and will continue to be made to ensure search results are relevant. But it also means that companies need to keep on tweaking SEO strategies to stop producing content that no longer gets good results.  

Many new trends are expected to emerge over the course of this year in SEO, from artificial intelligence to ‘continuous scrolling’. By working with an agency, you can keep up with whatever is happening now and next in search engines.