Why Storytelling Matters For Marketing

Why Storytelling Matters For Marketing

If you are trying to market your products effectively, creating a brand story can be a very powerful way to do it.

Some may think storytelling is what someone does with their kids before bedtime, but it is actually rather more widespread than some think. For instance, look at the Christmas adverts produced by major retailers; each tries to draw potential customers into a narrative, perhaps even an interactive one, such as the adventures of Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot.

For many brands, generating loyalty involves creating a story that customers can feel part of. This is based on a simple understanding that, at a very base level, we all like to feel part of a story and that this gives us meaning and identity. For a brand, such a story can be about values, ideals and aims that align with those of the potential customer.

The names, values and activities of a successful brand are, therefore, not random. There is a clear plan to present the brand in a particular way and fit it in with the needs and wants of consumers as they build their own stories.

For example, a brand focused on consumer ethics such as the Co-operative Bank has a brand story that will align with those of people whose determination to live ethically becomes a central feature of their life - and even their efforts to make the world a better place.

Indeed, because the bank has repeatedly updated and renewed its ethical policy platform in consultation with customers, they can feel part of this process. While that may not be something your brand can copy, it does show the potential value of giving your customers a feeling of involvement and empowerment.

A key challenge for a brand, especially one that operates in a crowded marketplace, is to tell its story effectively through digital marketing. With so many ads, social media posts, slogans and competitors out there, having a compelling story that people can connect with emotionally will help you to not just capture their attention, but keep it.

This is essential in a world where there are so many social media platforms, TV channels and modes of entertainment. Distraction, busy lives and short attention spans are a feature of modern life. Only by offering something that taps into the need for people to be part of something bigger and more meaningful can attention be easily retained.

Understanding the importance of storytelling for your brand is essential, but it is also important to work with marketing experts who can find ways to bring it to life.

To do this effectively means having a story that is not just interesting in itself, but relevant to the target market in a way that appeals directly to them and offers the prospect of something they can buy into, both emotionally and with their actual wallets.

Success in this aim requires that you establish first the ‘buyer persona’ of who you are marketing to, for every part of the story you tell must speak to their needs, wants, values and aspirations. Do that successfully and it’s a story they will want to be part of.

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