Why Using Both PPC & SEO Is Essential

Why Using Both PPC & SEO Is Essential

When launching a digital marketing campaign, companies might find it difficult to decide whether to focus on their search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy or invest in their pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Here we explain why using both is essential to a successful campaign. 

SEO uses special techniques for content creation, social media use, and website design that help it rank higher in online searches. Subsequently, this enables more people to come across the website, increasing exposure for the business. 

PPC, on the other hand, requires the company to pay each time someone clicks on the advert. This means businesses only pay for the number of clicks they receive, with the bill increasing the more people follow the link. 

Although the two strategies seem conflicting, many companies incorporate both into their online marketing campaign. This is because SEO takes a long time to have an impact, while PPC has immediate effect. 

Secondly, while SEO is more authentic, it is less reliable. 

Entrepeneur.com states: “Even if you do everything perfectly, there’s a chance a Google update or a wily competitor could interfere with your efforts. You may still face competition and technical changes in the PPC world, but at the end of the day, you know you’re only going to pay for the clicks you actually generate.”

When it comes to PPC ads, they are hard to scale, can be costly, and it can take a long time to learn the specifics of creating a tailored PPC campaign. Therefore, using SEO alongside PPC can work particularly well. 

Forbes recommends using PPC, saying it is a “great complement to SEO to control the narrative about your brand from every angle and in a much more aggressive and headline-based manner”. 

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