Why Video Matters For SEO And Site Visitor Retention

Why Video Matters For SEO And Site Visitor Retention

When it comes to designing a website there are many things to consider. Of course you need a great home page, a consistent font, attractive and appropriate colours, easy navigation, mobile friendliness and compelling content are all crucial too.

An element that some may not have given a lot of consideration to is the inclusion of videos. This might be more obvious for some firms than others; for example, if you are offering products and services connected with sports then some videos of action on the field, course or track will add to the appeal. For other topics, especially a drier topic, this is less evident.

Either way, there are many benefits to having embedded videos in content. Firstly, there is a practical appeal to site visitors. It holds their interest and can convey very useful information, such as a ‘how to’ instruction video to provide instruction on using a complex device.

This usefulness and attractiveness to visitors is not an abstract or nebulous concept, but a measurable one; search engines will rank a page higher if it has video embedded in the content.

 One of the reasons for this is precisely because it is known that site visitors are more likely to stay on a page like this, so bounce rates will be lower, a significant element of an SEO algorithm. Attaching a keyword-rich description will boost your page ranking further.

You have options with videos that can include adding external content such as a YouTube instructional guide, but you can also build your brand with your own company videos.

Indeed, the overwhelming majority of firms now use video in their content marketing, partly because of the SEO benefits but because of the other advantages too. The fact is that it offers a very flexible way to reach customers, such as connecting your website to your social media accounts in order to interact more with customers.

For that reason, your new website should always contain video, not for the sake of it but as an integrated part of your branding and marketing strategy.

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