Why You Must Get Ready To Update Many Of Your Keywords In The New Year

Why You Must Get Ready To Update Many Of Your Keywords In The New Year

The best advice an SEO agency in Yorkshire can give its clients across God’s own county is to make sure you keep on making updates to your optimisation. The world never stays still and it is vital to keep making updates.

All kinds of factors mean you have to keep changing. One is that search engines will keep updating their algorithms. Another is that any ‘evergreen’ content you have may have links that no longer work and need replacing. But, above all, you should keep adjusting your keywords to help boost your ranking.

The importance of the last of these factors is borne out by the need to carry out keyword research. That is why it is never hard to find lists of recommendations and comparisons of the strengths of different tools for this purpose.

What this will do is to help you stay informed about the most effective keywords, not least those your competitors are using. They can also help you assess how well yours are performing.

This is reason for making adjustments and updates at any time of year. However, none are more important than New Year.

Firstly, much of your content may currently be focused on Christmas and rightly so. But when the festive season has come and gone, it is important to replace that with new content that is relevant to 2023 and tells your customers what you can do for them in the New Year. That also means any references to the current year should be changed from 2022!

Perhaps just as useful as all that is the simple fact that, because it is a New Year, January can be a time to give everything a fresh look and to make one resolution you can keep: To work with your SEO services provider to ensure your website and its content is refreshed so that it will deliver optimised content that is even better for your business in 2023 than in 2022.